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我认为的一些好的软件项目 | Github | 英文

Posted on:May 4, 2023 at 01:49 PM

This post is the first that I wrote in English,so it may have mistakes. If this post has mistakes in words, sentences, etc., please tell me, and I will thank you very much!

Hello, I am a software developer. Most of my time, I am in Github website.So,sometimes,I can find some great project that free and best that I think. So this post will record those projects.

ProjectIntroduceApplicable platforms
MonitorControlControls your external display brightness and volume and shows native OSD. Use menulet sliders or the keyboard, including native Apple keys!macOS
MosMake your mouse more smoothlymacOS
BetterDisplayCustom Resolutions, XDR/HDR Extra Brightness, Dummy Displays, Brightness Adjustment, Picture in Picture, Display and EDID overrides + more!macOS