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推荐一款网页翻译神器 【沉浸式翻译】,有了它,学习英语的门槛又降低了 | 学英文 | 翻译插件 | 提效

Posted on:May 23, 2023 at 06:04 PM

前不久看到一个Youtube频道 《回到Axton》 视频中的网页翻译效果惊艳到我了。是我之前没有见过的翻译形式。它是把译文放到每一段中文之后,这样就有对比了!这个特性很好,这样我就可以对着学习了,效率提升了好几倍。

这个学习英语的利器就是【沉浸式翻译】: 沉浸式翻译



支持 Edge,Firefox,Safari,iPhone,iPad,macOS,油猴

之前我用的Google翻译要么是整页翻译,要么是选词句翻译,操作很繁琐,重要的是没有比对。如果是整页翻译我想回头看中文还得显示原文;如果是选词句翻译,鼠标稍不注意点到其他地方,翻译结果就消失了,体验非常糟糕。下面是【沉浸式翻译】的效果,特别清爽,舒适! 沉浸式翻译Demo




I recently came across a YouTube channel named 《回到Axton》 whose webpage translation amazed me. It was a translation format that I hadn’t seen before. The translated text was placed after each paragraph in Chinese, allowing for easy comparison. This feature is excellent because it allows me to learn while referring to the translation, significantly increasing my efficiency.

This English learning tool is called Immersive Translate: Immersive Translate

Chrome Extension Link: Immersive Translate

Official Website: Immersive Translate

Supported on Edge, Firefox, Safari, iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Tampermonkey

Previously, I used Google Translate, which either provided whole-page translation or required selecting specific words or sentences, making the process cumbersome. More importantly, it lacked the side-by-side comparison. If I used whole-page translation, I had to scroll back to see the original Chinese text. If I used word or sentence translation, the translation disappeared if I accidentally clicked somewhere else, making the experience quite frustrating. However, with Immersive Translate, the effect is refreshing and comfortable, as shown below: Immersive Translate Demo

Today, I discovered this software, which will greatly enhance my English proficiency. I’ve been intensively studying English recently, and my goal is to understand, listen, and speak in commonly used English. Writing is not my focus because I don’t intend to use English for writing purposes; I simply want to use English in my daily life.

Here is a collection of foreign websites, accompanied by Immersive Translate, to gain a better and more comprehensive understanding of this fascinating world:

Foreign Websites: