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Posted on:April 23, 2023 at 04:18 PM

如果你一直探索赚钱,你会结交很多行业的朋友 —— 朋友越多,机会越多,这是一个良性的循环




为啥我会突然想着要”赚大钱”? 因为我觉得我现在替别人工作赚钱的速度太慢了,而且处处受制于人,有时在工作比较忙的或者被催进度的时候,就会觉得有点”憋屈”(套用同事说的一个句话,就是转”赚窝囊费”),那时我就会想,如果我自己按照这个工作强度为自己工作,还有什么事情做不成的!

为啥我会突然想着要”赚大钱”? 因为现实中个人能力的”无奈”会让一个人的尊严、脸面尽失。我看过太多的案例,苦难是穷人的,一个人越穷,你会感觉生活处处针对你。相反,如果你越富有,你会感觉生活处处是美好,所有的人都很和善,都会笑脸相迎。所以,要想办法”赚大钱”,在有限的生命里,赚到大钱。



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If you keep exploring ways to make money, you will meet friends from various industries. The more friends you have, the more opportunities you will come across. It’s a positive cycle where having more friends leads to more chances.

When it comes to making money, it seems like I am mostly “forced” and casual about it. “Forced” means working for others because it’s difficult to survive without a job. Being casual means not aiming to make a lot of money.

Although it’s “forced,” I consider myself lucky because the work I do is something I love and have been interested in since my student days. It’s fortunate that my job aligns with my personal interests and hobbies.

However, as I’ve gotten older, my material needs have gradually decreased (except for electronics and technology), while my spiritual needs have increased. I feel lonely and empty when I’m alone at night, so I try to fill that time with activities. In the past, it was watching movies 🎬, which helped me understand the world (while I was in Shenzhen). Then it shifted to playing the guitar, swimming, and taking walks (also in Shenzhen). Later on, it became playing the piano and reading books (in Chengdu).

Why do I suddenly want to “make big money”? It’s because I feel that the rate at which I’m earning money by working for others is too slow, and I’m constantly dependent on others. Sometimes, when work gets busy or deadlines are pressing, I feel a bit frustrated (to borrow a phrase from a colleague, it’s like earning “measly wages”). At such times, I start thinking, if I were to work for myself with the same intensity, there would be nothing I couldn’t achieve!

Why do I suddenly want to “make big money”? It’s because the helplessness arising from personal limitations in reality can lead to a loss of dignity and face. I’ve seen too many cases where hardship is for the poor. The poorer you are, the more you feel that life is against you. On the contrary, if you are wealthy, you perceive life as beautiful, and everyone seems kind and welcoming. Therefore, I want to find a way to “make big money” and earn a substantial amount within the limited time of my life.

Hence, I will explore all possible avenues to make money and share them here.

I’ve also heard many people say that those who make money wouldn’t tell you their secrets. Personally, I believe that whether someone can make money or not is already transparent—it comes down to taking action! Merely thinking without taking action will never lead to making money.

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